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Recovering from a forms jam

After some jams occur within the printer engine, the printer automatically reprints certain pages as part of its recovery process. This happens only if the printer is configured to allow reprinting.

You must set the following Printer Definition -> Printer -> Basic configuration items to allow automatic reprinting after a forms jam recovery:

Automatic reprinting reprints the number of pages, based on the current, in-effect page length.

If a postprocessing device is used, an extra number of pages can be added to the normal number of reprinted pages by setting the Jam Recovery Point Distance configuration item under Printer Definition -> Printer -> Setup to a non-zero value. This extra number of pages is the configured distance from the top of the stacker to or through the postprocessing device.

Figure 97 shows the normal reprint path length from the transfer station (Point A) in Printer 1 to the stacker in Printer 2 (Point B), and the additional Jam Recovery Point Distance from the stacker in Printer 2 (Point B) to or through the postprocessing device (Point C).

Figure 97. Duplex mode reprint path length
Duplex mode reprint path length

After the automatic reprinting of pages, you must check for and discard any duplicate pages that may have been printed. Locate the first reprinted page. Then attempt to find that same page in the stacker or the postprocessing device. If you find it, discard all duplicate pages.

In all cases but one, the automatic reprinting of pages recovers all pages that might have been lost or damaged as the result of the jam. The exception occurs when a Fuser Wrap error causes the jam. A jam of this type can back up (accordion-pleat) the forms until the error is detected and the forward movement of the forms is stopped. If this occurs, a few lost pages are not automatically reprinted. You need to work with the host system console operator to recover those lost pages.

If the printer is not configured to recover lost pages, you may need to ask the host system console operator to do one of the following:

You must rethread the printer with the jam.

In addition to rethreading the printer with the jam, you may also have to rethread the other printer (if the jam occurred in Printer 1). Whenever rethreading is required, the Align Forms procedure window automatically appears on the touchscreen. This requires you to execute and complete that procedure (see Aligning tractored forms).