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Forms jam in the postprocessing device

When a paper jam occurs in a postprocessing device that causes the device to go to a Not Ready condition, the intervention window appears. This causes a number of pages to be reprinted. The distance from the printer to the farthest postprocessing device attached to the printer determines the number of pages reprinted.

If a paper jam occurs in the postprocessing device and causes a Not Ready condition, the intervention window appears on the touchscreen. The error code D204 appears on the window.

  1. Remove the jammed paper from the postprocessing device.
  2. If you want to reprint pages, select OK.
  3. Select OK on the intervention window.
  4. Select Start on the touchscreen.
    <85>For printers with microcode levels, version 11.6.128 and higher, both printers and attached pre and postprocessing equipment can be started from the main panel of the printer console and the printer operator panels. Visually assure that no other personnel are working on the system before starting the system.