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Jams between the printer and a postprocessing device

A jam or separated form that occurs between the postprocessing device and the printer is not detected and presented as a form jam. The usual error condition presented is a D204 PRE/POST NOT READY LINE BECAME ACTIVE message on the touchscreen or D204 PRINTER ERROR message on the affected printer operator panel. This error message occurs when the "Pre/postprocessor Busy Timer" included in the characteristics section of an installed and enabled postprocessing device has timed out. (Refer to the Planning and Configuration Guide for details.)

  1. Clear the forms path of any jam, or clear any forms feeding problem between the postprocessing device and the printer.
  2. Select OK on the touchscreen.
  3. If you must remove damaged or separated forms in the forms path between the postprocessing device and the printer, advance the forms through the printer enough to enable splicing. On the floor between the printer and the postprocessing device, splice the forms exiting the printer to the forms remaining in the postprocessing device.
  4. Make the postprocessing device Ready.
  5. Select Start on the printer operator panel or on the Main touchscreen panel for the affected printer.
    <85>For printers with microcode levels, version 11.6.128 and higher, both printers and attached pre and postprocessing equipment can be started from the main panel of the printer console and the printer operator panels. Visually assure that no other personnel are working on the system before starting the system.

For jams in a postprocessing device, see Forms jam in the postprocessing device.