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Forms jam between Printer 1 and Printer 2

A jam occurring between Printer 1 and Printer 2 normally causes the forms to tear and separate. Both Printer 1 and Printer 2 continue to feed forms and print until an error condition is detected and displayed. A large supply of forms may be present on the floor at the output of Printer 1.

  1. Press OK on the Printer 1 operator panel or select OK on the Intervention Required touchscreen.
  2. Do not flush any forms out of either printer.
  3. Manually pull the forms through the buffer/flipper unit under Printer 2 and up into forms input area of Printer 2.
  4. Begin the Align Forms procedure (see Forms are broken between the printers). If necessary, select the appropriate Feed Page key on the Align Forms panel or on the printer operator panel, to feed enough forms to splice (at the Printer 2 splicing table) the forms from the buffer/flipper unit to the forms remaining in the Printer 2 path.
  5. Complete the Align Forms procedure.
  6. Select Start on the printer operator panel or on the Main touchscreen panel for the affected printer.
    <85>For printers with microcode levels, version 11.6.128 and higher, both printers and attached pre and postprocessing equipment can be started from the main panel of the printer console and the printer operator panels. Visually assure that no other personnel are working on the system before starting the system.