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Transfer station area forms jam

Intervention Error Code
Transfer Station Forms Jam (Auto Load) 0184
Upper Tractor Forms Jam (Auto Load) 0191

To clear the jam message from the printer operator panel and the touchscreen, you must press Auto Load - Stop on the printer control panel.

Automatic reprinting is not necessary for this type of jam because printing was not occurring when this jam was detected.

  1. Be aware that dark-colored backing on the forms can cause the printer to display these messages.
  1. Select Auto Load - Stop on the printer control panel.
  2. Visually check to see if a forms jam is actually present.

    If Yes, go to step 4.

    If No, continue at step 3.

  3. Clean the upper tractor jam sensor. See step 5.

    Go to step 5.

  4. Clear forms from the Transfer Station area.
  5. If the intervention is still displayed, press OK on the operator panel of the affected printer or select OK on the touchscreen.
  6. Check for and resolve or postpone any other error or intervention message that appears on the printer operator panel or the touchscreen.
  7. For Dual Simplex Operations: If you found a forms jam, reload forms. See Loading forms--auto load (dual simplex mode) or Loading forms--semiautomatic load (dual simplex mode).
  8. For Duplex Operations: If you found a forms jam, and the jam was within Printer 1, you need to begin the Load Forms procedure again (see Loading forms--auto load (duplex mode)).
  9. For Duplex Operations: If necessary, complete the Align Forms procedure (see Forms are broken between the printers).
    1. Select Forms Feed once. This provides enough forms beyond Printer 1 to splice (on the floor between Printer 1 and Printer 2) the forms just auto loaded on Printer 1 to the forms remaining in the path. Use the splicing procedures found in Splicing forms on the Infoprint 4000.
    2. Complete the Align Forms procedure.
    3. Do all the steps in Checking forms alignment for both Printer 1 and Printer 2.
  10. Select Start on the printer operator panel or on the Main touchscreen panel for the affected printer.
    <85>For printers with microcode levels, version 11.6.128 and higher, both printers and attached pre and postprocessing equipment can be started from the main panel of the printer console and the printer operator panels. Visually assure that no other personnel are working on the system before starting the system.
  11. See Suggestions for preventing jams if the error occurs frequently.