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0161 Stacker jams

Symptom: This error can be caused by a forms jam in the stacker. The error was detected by the stacker jam sensors, which are located in the stacker area above the stacker table.

Conditions that could cause this symptom:

  1. The forms are not folding correctly. The forms stack should lie flat without bowing between forms.
  2. The Forms Set key on the printer operator panel is set incorrectly. It should be set to match the fold direction of the fold perforation that is on the lower transfer station tractors. About the printer control panel describes how to set the Forms Set key.
  3. The Forms Width lever or Forms Length lever on the stacker control panel is set incorrectly. About the stacker area describes how to set the levers.
  4. The stacker table is not lowering correctly. Check the stacker area and remove any obstructions.
  5. The stacker jam sensors and mirrors may be dirty. Clean the six stacker jam sensors and the two mirrors with a soft dry cloth (see Stacker area).
  6. The forms are out of specification.

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