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0093 Input loop paper jam

Symptom: The printer is not maintaining the correct paper length on the input loop. This error was detected by the feed loop sensors, which are located in the forms input area below the transfer station.

Conditions that could cause this symptom:

  1. The input feed loop sensors and LEDs may be dirty. Check them for paper dust and clean them if necessary (see Forms input area).
  2. Check for paper jams in these areas:
  3. Check that both pinch rollers are properly contacting the drive roller on the urge unit.
  4. Ensure that the forms are aligned correctly with any preprocessing devices and ensure that nothing interferes with the paper path.
  5. If a buffer/flipper unit is installed (duplex mode), check that the buffer flipper is positioned so that the forms are correctly aligned between printer 1 and the flipper and between the flipper and printer 2.

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