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0134 Fuser wrap

Symptom: The forms are wrapped around the backup roll or there is a forms jam in the hot roll area on printer 2.

Conditions that could cause this symptom:

  1. If there is also a stacker jam, the forms may have been pushed back into the sensors. Correct the stacker jam, and ensure that the folding direction of the forms is set correctly in the stacker and with the Forms Set switch. If you need to clear the stacker jam, see Stacker forms jam for instructions.
  2. If this error occurs while doing an auto-load procedure, ensure that the first sheet is folded over the second sheet. If the leading edge of the form is curled, this would prevent it from feeding into the scuff rolls.
  3. If the forms are wrapping around the hot roll, the fuser oil feed rate may be set too low. If they are consistently wrapping around the hot roll, you may need to set the oil feed rate higher.
  4. Light-weight forms with heavy print density or large areas of solid area fill may stick to the hot roll if the oil feed rate is too low or if the oiling system has failed.
  5. Light-weight or slightly damp forms can cause wraps.

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