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D720 Verification mark position incorrect

Symptom: The printer could not read the verification marks at the expected location. Side verify marks are small toner marks printed on the leading edge of the form; the marks are used for front-to-back data synchronization. This error most often occurs when dust blocks the sensor. This error was detected by the toner mark/side verify sensor (4100) or side verify sensor (4000), which is located at the back side of the splicing table in the forms input area.

Conditions that could cause this symptom:

  1. The forms may be misaligned. Check the forms alignment on both printers. The perforation must be aligned correctly. See Checking forms alignment .
  2. The toner mark/side verify sensor may be dirty. Check it for paper dust or toner buildup and clean it if necessary (see Forms input area).
  3. Examine your forms. Preprinted marks within the carrier strip as well as some colored forms can cause this error. If you are using any of these forms, disable verification checking. See Verifying synchronized duplex printing.
  4. Verify the print quality of the verification marks. Check for light or smeared print.

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