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079A, 0131, 0132 Tension errors

Symptom: The position of the tension arm is incorrect. The tension arm is in the down or upper position. This error most often occurs when the tension arm is not positioned correctly or you are running heavy forms. This error was detected by the upper tractor jam sensor, which is located at the upper front tractor assembly.

Conditions that could cause this symptom:

  1. The tension arm may be misaligned. The blue mark on the tension arm should be visible in the guide notch in the transfer station. If necessary, check the tension arm (see Checking the tension arm).
  2. The forms may be slipping at the hot roll. This can be caused by forms that have absorbed moisture or forms that are smooth or coated.
  3. If you are running with high preheat temperatures, or running unusually heavy forms or narrow forms, the upper or lower tension arm may need adjustment. Do either procedure, depending on your printer model:
  4. The forms are not installed correctly or the forms are broken. A double-sheet feed can also cause this error.
  5. If the tension arm drifts up when the vacuum is turned off, there will not be enough vacuum to hold the form correctly on the preheat platen. If this is the case, call for service.
  6. If the problem occurs after an NPRO, the upper tractor jam sensor may be dirty. Check it for paper dust or toner buildup and clean it if necessary (see Transfer station area).
  7. If a postprocessing device is being used, it may be prematurely pulling the paper out of the fusing area. Check the postprocessor to ensure that it is not causing too much resistance or drag on the forms.
  8. When running tractorless paper, the lower pressure roller may not be engaged.

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