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0119 Upper tractor forms jam

Symptom: The upper tractor jam sensor has not sensed the passing of the pin feed holes for more than 2 inches. This error most often occurs when paper dust blocks the sensor. This error was detected by the upper tractor jam sensor, which is located at the upper front tractor assembly.

Possible causes and suggested recovery actions:

  1. The upper tractor jam sensor may be dirty. Check it for paper dust or toner buildup and clean it if necessary (see Transfer station area).
  2. While doing an auto load procedure, the form may not have loaded correctly from the lower tractors to the upper tractors.
  3. Ensure that the upper tractor jam sensor and the black area on the underside of the upper tractor cover are free of scratches, dust, chads, and adhesive.
  4. If stray room light is falling on the sensor, close the top printer cover. Printing or dark colors between the pin feed holes on the back of the form can appear to the sensor to be a torn form.
  5. The forms or tractor holes may be torn. This can be caused by a clinging chad that is caught in the urge unit. Check the preprocessor to ensure that it is not causing too much resistance or drag on the forms. Also check the urge unit and buffer/flipper unit.
  6. The forms may have lifted off the tractor pins. Ensure that the tractor holes are aligned correctly on the tractor pins. Turn the tractor control knob as necessary to ensure that the forms are tight between the tractors.
  7. The forms are not flat and tight over the sensor. Ensure that the forms are positioned correctly in the forms input area. The forms must not twist or tear when they travel around the input guide, splicing table, and transfer station.
  8. If the jam occurs only with one kind of form, especially one that has not been used before on the printers, the problem may be form-related. Forms that are unusually heavy or light and forms that have holes or cuts are all likely to cause jams.
  9. If the forms are in a box, ensure that the box does not interfere with form movement.

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