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0133 Skew error

Symptom: The forms are not feeding straight through the fuser. This error most often occurs when the form skews toward the front or rear of the printer as it enters the fuser. This error was detected by the skew sensor, which is located at the top of the preheat platen. To be correctly aligned, the form must be positioned so that the edge of the form is at the center of the lens of the skew sensor.

Possible causes and suggested recovery actions:

  1. Room light may be falling on the skew sensor. Ensure that the skew sensor is not exposed to room light. This suggestion applies to the Infoprint 4000 only.
  2. The skew sensor may be dirty. Check it for paper dust or toner buildup and clean it if necessary (see Forms input area).
  3. Ensure that the form is aligned correctly with the red line at the entry point to the preheat platen. If upper and lower tension arm springs are installed on your printer, you may need to adjust them. Do either procedure, depending on your printer model:
  4. Ensure that the tension arm is aligned correctly. The blue mark on the tension arm should be visible in the guide notch in the transfer station. If necessary, check the tension arm (see Checking the tension arm).
  5. Check the paper path and ensure that the forms are aligned correctly at the transfer station:
  6. Ensure that the forms are aligned correctly with any preprocessing devices and ensure that nothing interferes with the paper path.
  7. If a buffer/flipper unit is installed (duplex mode), check that the buffer flipper is positioned so that the forms are correctly aligned between printer 1 and the flipper and between the flipper and printer 2.
  8. Forms jams can also cause this skew error. Ensure that the forms are loaded correctly:
  9. Some forms have a tendency to skew. Set the preheat temperature to a lower value (Printer Definition -> Print Quality) and try printing again.

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