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Responding to messages

The Operator messages area on the Main panel of the printer console displays information about how the printer is running. There are two types of messages: warnings and interventions.

Warning messages do not stop the printer from printing, but if the problem is not solved it could potentially cause problems. Touch the warning message to open the message window, which provides more information.

Figure 92. Warning messages
Operator messages also appear in the printer operator panel display for the printer on which the error occurred.

Intervention messages stop the printer from printing. To restore the printer to the Ready state, follow any recovery directions that appear in the message window. See Operator message codes for message descriptions.

Figure 93. Intervention messages with recovery directions
Intervention messages with recovery actions

Some intervention messages have additional troubleshooting information that displays in a detailed message window. Select the Troubleshooting button and take any actions suggested in the detailed message window. See Intervention messages for troubleshooting actions.

The suggested actions are arranged based on the most likely condition that could cause the error and you should follow them in the order listed. Use the mouse to select the colored text; these are links that open the related the online help topic directly.

Figure 94. Intervention messages with troubleshooting actions
Intervention messages with troubleshooting actions