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Taking care of problems

Responding to messages
Operator message codes
Intervention messages
0133 Skew error
0119 Upper tractor forms jam
079A, 0131, 0132 Tension errors
D720 Verification mark position incorrect
0134 Fuser wrap
0093 Input loop paper jam
0161 Stacker jams
Hard program checks
Status messages
Status message summary
Forms jams
Forms jam is visible
Forms jam is not visible
Stacker forms jam
Transfer station area forms jam
Upper fuser forms jam
Stacker pendulum forms jam
Forms jam between Printer 1 and Printer 2
Jams between the printer and a postprocessing device
Forms jam in the postprocessing device
Clearing the forms path
Transfer Station area
Fuser area and Stacker area
Stacker and Pendulum area
Recovering from a forms jam
Suggestions for preventing jams
Running traces
Print quality problems
Sudden failures
Problem solving tips and suggested actions