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Threading and Aligning Forms

Select this task when you load forms in duplex mode. This procedure is also automatically called up when the system is powered-on in duplex mode and during some error and jam recovery procedures.

All of the controls you need to accomplish this procedure are available on the Display/Touch Screen windows.

This procedure initially displays a Thread/Align Forms window (see Figure 21).

Proper completion of this task is important to ensure that Printer 2 prints side 2 pages correctly opposite the side 1 pages previously printed by Printer 1.

You can print verification marks on both sides of the pages using the Verification marks Printer Configuration Item. You can then visually inspect these marks to ensure that sides 1 and 2 of the forms are properly synchronized. See Verification Marks for more information.

The dashed line is used to align the forms in the printers. The solid line is used to align postprocessing equipment if any is attached.

Figure 21. Setup Window for Thread/Align Forms
This is an image that illustrates setup window for Thread/Align Forms
  1. SELECT one of the three conditions you want from the Select a Starting Condition box. Your choice is highlighted.

    The three selectable conditions on this window are:

  2. If you SELECT the Cancel push-button on the window, the following actions occur:
  3. SELECT the OK push-button on the window. The main Thread/Align Forms procedure window (Figure 22) appears.

Find the condition you selected to start from and go tot the referenced page:

Condition Reference Page
Forms are threaded through both printers Forms Are Loaded Through Both Printers
Forms are not loaded in printer 2 Forms Are Not Loaded In Printer 2
Forms are broken between the printers Forms Are Broken Between the Printers