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Loading Forms (Duplex Mode)

The ED1/ED2 duplex printing system is designed to have forms loaded through Printer 1, the Buffer/Flipper Unit, and Printer 2 for duplex printing.

This section provides step-by-step instructions for threading forms in duplex printing applications. Loading Forms (Simplex or Dual Simplex Mode) contains instructions for loading forms for an ES1 printer or ED1/ED2 printers in dual simplex mode. These instructions are for loading boxed, continuous forms that are loaded at the forms input area of Printer 1, through the Buffer/Flipper Unit, Urge Unit, and Printer 2, to the output stacker of Printer 2.

If preprocessing or postprocessing devices are used with the printing system, steps involving the continuous forms source and the final destination are different from the instructions given here. Because each preprocessing and postprocessing device is unique, you should use the specific instructions for the initial loading from a preprocessing device to Printer 1 or forms handling in a postprocessing device following Printer 2 that accompany the preprocessing or postprocessing device.

Do this task when any of the following situations occur:

This is an image that illustrates how to load forms in duplex mode
This is an image that illustrates cautions against injuries when loading forms

To load forms, do the following:

  1. Ensure that both Printer 1 and Printer 2 are in the Not Ready state before you begin this task.
  2. Ensure that the Urge Unit is not running.
  3. Do step 1 through step 26 under "Loading Forms (Simplex or Dual Simplex Mode)" and return here.

    You now have forms in the stacker of Printer 1.

  4. Use the Forms Feed push-button on the Stacker Control Panel as necessary to advance enough forms to thread the Buffer/Flipper Unit, the Urge Unit, and Printer 2.
  5. Thread the forms through the Buffer/Flipper Unit (2) (see Threading the Buffer/Flipper Unit).
  6. Bring the forms under the control unit of Printer 2 to the Urge Unit (9).
  7. Thread the Urge Unit.
  8. Thread the forms through Printer 2 using steps 1 through 37 of Loading Forms (Simplex or Dual Simplex Mode).
  9. Ensure that the paper in Printer 1 is aligned with the forms scale on the rear tractor cover.
  10. Go to the Thread to Align menu to ensure proper alignment. See Threading and Aligning Forms.