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Switching Print Resolution

Use this procedure to select the print resolution for a print job when it requires a different print resolution than is currently in use.

Do not change the print resolution in combination with any other configuration changes. You must do it separately.

  1. SELECT the Configure pull-down menu on the Display/Touch Screen window.
  2. SELECT the Configure Printer procedure. The Configure Printer window appears.
  3. SELECT the Printhead Resolution: XXX item, where XXX is the current print resolution configuration. The Printhead Resolution window appears listing the valid dots-per-inch (DPI) resolution numbers.
  4. SELECT the appropriate resolution number.

    If you select 600 DPI, another window appears. This window shows the current IPDS resolution. Select the desired IPDS resolution.

  5. If you select 480 DPI (or 600 DPI in combination with 240, 300, 600, or Auto IPDS resolution), the Enhanced Fonts window appears. You must select Yes or No for Single-byte and Double-byte Font Enhancements.
  6. SELECT the OK push-button on the Configure Printer window. The print resolution is now at the number you selected.