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Switching from Dual Simplex to Duplex Mode

  1. To stop the printer, SELECT the Stop push-button on the Display/Touch Screen.
  2. SELECT the Configure pull-down menu on the Display/Touch Screen window.
  3. SELECT the Configure Printer procedure. The Configure Printer window appears.
  4. Find and SELECT the Printer Mode item.
  5. SELECT the Duplex item.
  6. SELECT the OK push-button.
  7. SELECT Restart when this prompt appears.
  8. SELECT the OK push-button.
  9. The Second Simplex window appears. You must select the Shutdown/Restart procedure from the Operate pull-down menu on that Display/Touch Screen, and then execute the Shutdown routine. A window appears stating that the system is shutting down. A second window appears stating that the system is being "rebooted". At the completion of the reboot, the Printer Mode change is in effect (the Duplex main Display/Touch Screen window appears).
    No system power-off and power-on procedure is required.
  10. To remove any forms still in the printer, see Clearing the Forms Path.
  11. Load paper and assign the form for duplex operation (see Loading Forms (Duplex Mode)).
  12. Perform the Threading and Aligning Forms procedure (see page Threading and Aligning Forms).
  13. SELECT the Ready push-button.

For additional information, see Configuring the System.