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Shutting Down the System

With a duplex configuration in duplex mode or with a simplex printer, this procedure shuts down the complete system (both printers in a duplex configuration). In dual simplex mode, this procedure shuts down only the target printer. The other printer remains active and usable. If you are shutting down the last active dual simplex printer, the complete system is shutdown.

Note that once you have shutdown a dual simplex printer using this procedure, the only way to get it back to active use is to shutdown the other dual simplex printer also.

  1. From the Operate pull-down menu, SELECT the Shutdown/Restart procedure.
  2. On the Shutdown/Restart procedure window, SELECT the Shutdown push-button.

    If you decide that you do not want to shutdown or restart the system, SELECT the Cancel push-button.

    If the printers are in duplex mode, or if the printers are in dual simplex mode and the final simplex printer is being shutdown, the following messages appear:

  3. If necessary, switch power off to the system or the individual printer. See Controlling the System Power for details.

    As required, correct the problem that caused you to initiate the procedure.