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Multiple Procedures

You can have any number of procedures active at one time. However, only five procedures can appear on the Display/Touch Screen at one time. To switch back and forth between the procedures on the Display/Touch Screen, select the title bar of the procedure you want. If there are more than five procedures that are active, you can still use the procedures that have been pushed off the display. Do this by selecting the Switch to... option from the System Menu pull-down menu.

In duplex or simplex mode, multiple copies of the same procedure cannot run at the same time. Once a procedure is started, the menu bar item that started the procedure will not start another procedure of the same type. The window will display the procedure window at the front of the cascade. However, in dual simplex mode the same procedure can be open and active on both Printer 1 and Printer 2 Display/Touch Screen windows.

Figure 16 shows:

The Main Window
Four of the five maximum procedure windows
The System Menu pull-down menu
The Switch to pop-up window, which lists all open procedures
A symbol that indicates that more than five procedures are open.

Use the scroll bar to the right of the Switch to pop-up window to view the names of additional open procedures. When you select a procedure, the procedure window appears at the front of the cascade.

Figure 16. Procedure Windows in Cascade Format
This is an image that illustrates the procedure windows in cascade format.