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Options Pull-Down Menu

Figure 9 shows the selections available on the Options pull-down menu.

Figure 9. Options Pull-Down Menu
This is an image that illustrates the selections available on the Options pull-down menu.
Assign Form to Load...
Assigns the defined name of the form you are loading. (A form does not appear on the list until you define it.) From within this procedure, you can also invoke the Adjust Print and Print Test procedures. See Loading Forms (Simplex or Dual Simplex Mode) or Loading Forms (Duplex Mode) for more information.
Enable/Disable Attachments...
Lets you enable and disable the host system attachments that are installed on the system. See Enabling and Disabling Attachments for more information.
Lets you set the authorization level of the person who is working on the printer. It also allows you to change the user authorization password. Access to higher user authorization levels is password protected. See Changing the Password or Authorization Level for more information.
Change Language...
Lets you change the language that is used for all text within Display/Touch Screen windows. See Changing the Language of Messages for more information.
Clean Screen
Gives you 30 seconds to clean the face of the monitor. If one 30 second interval is not long enough, you can repeat this procedure as many times as necessary.
Calibrate Touch Screen
Removes the displacement between where you touch the screen surface and the small (+) symbol that appears on the screen when you touch it.
Front Face
Lets you place a blank page between jobs that have an odd number of pages. It also ensures that jobs that require a certain folding pattern are printed correctly. See Checking for a Front-Facing Page for more information.
Special Features
Lets you enable, disable, install, and uninstall special features (customer-requested features that are also known as RPQs). You can install special features from a diskette or from the printer hard disk drive. You must both install and enable the feature before it becomes functional.