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Developer Area

You add toner and developer mix to the printer in the developer area. Table 3 describes the controls.

You add toner by placing a new toner cartridge (1) in the developer area next to the Printer Control Panel.

You add developer mix through the developer mix inlet (2). The developer drain lever (3), which is marked with a B label, opens and closes the developer drain. The developer run push-button (4), which is marked with an A label, causes new developer mix to move from the developer mix inlet into the developer.

This is an image that illustrates the developer area.
Table 3. Developer Area Controls
Using This Control: Does This:
Toner Cartridge


Contains toner for the toner hopper.
Developer Mix Inlet


Supply opening for adding developer mix to the developer.
Developer Drain Lever


Starts the developer mix drain process to move developer mix from the developer into an external container for disposal.
Developer Run push-button


Starts the developer mix load process to move developer mix from the developer inlet into the developer; also aids in removing used developer mix from the developer.