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Simplex and Dual Simplex Printing Applications

The configuration that is shown in Left Angle Configuration for Dual Simplex supports simplex (single-sided) printing in the Dual Simplex mode on selected models (see Table 1). Both printers in the configuration can run independent simplex applications. The forms path would start at the forms input area or preprocessing device and proceed through to either the printer output stacker or to a postprocessing device.

When the printing system is configured as dual simplex and one of the printers is inoperable, the remaining printer can run independently so long as power and connection to the control unit are maintained.

Alternatively, forms can remain threaded continuously through both printers in a duplex physical configuration, but with printing occurring in simplex mode. Printing occurs on only one printer, while the other printer processes blank pages.

Each printer can have its own set of preprocessing and postprocessing devices.

Both printers in the configuration attach to a host system through the AFCCU. The AFCCU controls both printers independently and is physically attached to Printer 2 in the configuration.