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Configuring Preprocessing/Postprocessing Devices/Interfaces

This procedure lets you add, delete, or change specifications for preprocessing and postprocessing device interface features. You may configure and store up to ten defined preprocessing/postprocessing devices, each configured for either Printer 1 or Printer 2. But only three devices may be enabled for each printer. The printers have three interface ports. These ports may be equipped with Preprocessing/Postprocessing (Pre/Post) or Advanced Function Postprocessing (AF Post) interfaces as shown in Table 27. Port 1 comes standard with a Pre/Post device interface adaptor, and the following table assumes that adaptor is installed.

Table 27. Preprocessing/Postprocessing Interface Options
Port Configuration Options
1 Pre/Post Pre/Post Pre/Post Pre/Post Pre/Post Pre/Post
2 -- Pre/Post Pre/Post AF Post Pre/Post AF Post
31 -- -- Pre/Post -- AF Post Pre/Post
1 Port 3 is not available on Model ED2.

The procedure for changing your pre/postprocessor configuration follows:

  1. Do one of the following:
  2. SELECT the Configure Pre/postprocessors procedure. You see the Configure Pre/postprocessors window, which lists the device interfaces that are currently defined and installed.
  3. To add a new interface, do the following:
    1. SELECT the New Processor... push-button.
    2. Use the keyboard to enter the name of the interface you are adding.
    3. SELECT the keyboard OK push-button.
    4. Change the configuration information for the new interface (see the next step).
  4. To change the values that are assigned to an interface, do the following:
    1. SELECT from the Select a Processor Name selection list box the name of the device interface you want to change. The window shows the current values for the device.
    2. SELECT the field you want to change.
    3. SELECT the new value you want from the pop-up window, or enter data on the keypad window and SELECT the OK push-button.

      Repeat this step for as many items and devices as you want to change.

  5. To delete a device, do the following:
    1. SELECT from the Select a Processor Name box the name of the device you want to delete from the configured list.
    2. SELECT the Delete push-button.
  6. SELECT the OK push-button on the Configure Pre/Postprocessors window when you have finished making all changes to the pre/postprocessor configuration.