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Printer Specifications

Table 1 summarizes the specifications for the various printers in the Infoprint 3000 family.

Table 1. Infoprint 3000 Printer Specification Summary
Model Mode Resolution (DPI) Print Speed (IPM)
ES1 Simplex
4801, 600 1
480/600 2
112/172 3
Duplex 4

Dual Simplex 4
4801, 600 1
480/600 2
4801, 600 1
480/600 2
224/344 3

112/172 3
  1. Standard resolution (specify feature).
  2. Optional feature.
  3. Print Speed stated in 1-up mode/2-up mode. (See notes 5 and 6 for more information.)
  4. The Print speed for Duplex is the total system speed (2 printers). The Print speed for dual simplex lists individual printer speed (either Printer 1 or Printer 2).
  5. 1-up mode (assuming an 8½-inch length page, measured in the forms process direction).
  6. 2-up mode (assuming an 11-inch length page, measured in the forms process direction).
The Infoprint 3000 operates in simplex and duplex mode, depending on the model selected. (Model ES1 operates only in simplex mode.)

An Advanced Function Common Control Unit (AFCCU) controls the printing system and is attached to each Model ES1 and to the second printer engine in a duplex printing system. The AFCCU is based on the IBM RS/6000 technology and includes an Extended Graphics Adaptor (XGA) touch-screen monitor that is used as a Display/Touch Screen.

Two preprocessing/postprocessing device interfaces (one in each printer), are provided on Models ES1 and ED1. This allows input capabilities and output capabilities beyond the standard forms input source and output stacker in the system printers. All other models are equipped with one preprocessing/postprocessing device interface as standard equipment. Your company can purchase additional interfaces.