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The Configuration Procedure

This procedure lets you view, update, or print a copy of the printer configuration.

The printer can have multiple sets of configuration data: one for each mode in which the printer can operate. To update a configuration for a particular mode, the printer must be running in that mode.
  1. Before you print the printer configuration, ensure that all attachments are disabled. See Enabling and Disabling Attachments for more information. You do not need to disable attachments if you are viewing or changing the configuration.
  2. To access the configuration settings, do one of the following:
  3. SELECT the Configure Printer procedure. The Configure Printer window appears. Use the scroll bar to scroll through the list of configuration items. For information about configuration items, see Table 21 or SELECT the Help push-button on the Configure Printer window.
  4. To print a copy of the configuration, do the following:
    1. SELECT the Print... push-button. You see the Print Configuration window.
    2. To change the number of copies you print, do the following:
      1. SELECT the How Many? field.
      2. Type the number of copies you want to print.
      3. SELECT the OK push-button.
      The printer does not collate multiple copies. This has to be done by hand.
    3. SELECT the Print push-button on the Print Configuration window.

      The configuration data is always printed in U.S. English.

  5. To change an item:
    1. SELECT it from the list. You see either a pop-up window or a keypad window.
    2. SELECT the value you want from the pop-up window, or enter data on the keypad window. Then SELECT the OK push-button.

      Repeat this step for as many items as you want to change.

      If you are changing Printer Mode or Printhead Resolution, any other configuration items you may be changing will change only for the mode you are switching from. The mode you are switching to will not have any changed configuration items.
    3. When you have made all the changes, SELECT the OK push-button. You see the Restart prompting window.
    4. If you have other configuration changes to make, you can make them before you restart the system. If your configuration changes are complete, SELECT the Restart push-button on the Restart window to make them effective.