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Printer Characteristics

The Infoprint 3000 printers are nonimpact, all-points-addressable printers. The printers each use a laser, electrophotographic print technology, and Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) licensed programs to create high-quality text and graphic printer output.

The printers use continuous-forms in a variety of sizes, styles, and weights, including preprinted forms and some adhesive labels.

Duplex mode does not support printing on adhesive labels.

After printing, the forms may be stacked in the printer stacker or processed by an optional postprocessing device.

Nonimpact printing, when combined with all-points addressability, allows graphics and many different type sizes and styles to appear on a single page. The printers can be used for text, image, graphic, optical character recognition (OCR), and bar-code printing. Text, images, and electronic overlays can be placed at any defined point on the page areas on which the printers can print.