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Checking the Fine Filter

This is an image that illustrates how to open the rear center cover of the printer

Do this task when you see the following message: CHECK FINE FILTER 0799

You must do this task immediately. You cannot delay it as you can with some Out of Supplies conditions.
  1. From the rear of the printer, open the rear center cover.
  2. Ensure that the filter container is upright in the recessed filter area.
  3. Ensure that the filter cover is firmly latched in place.
  4. Ensure that the filter hose is attached to the filter cover.
  5. Close the rear center cover of the printer.
  6. To resume processing, SELECT the Ready push-button on the main Display/Touch Screen.
  7. If the CHECK FINE FILTER message appears again, repeat steps 2 through 6. If that still does not correct the problem, contact your service representative. See Service Call Procedure for instructions.