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Changing the Toner Collector


You must do this task immediately. You cannot delay it as you can for some other Out of Supplies conditions.

You may leave printer power on while you do this procedure, but the printer should not be printing.

Never reuse waste toner. Doing so severely reduces print quality and may require repair of the printer.

Do this task when you finish adding toner and the following message appears with the ADD TONER message, or when this message appears alone: CHANGE TONER COLLECTOR 0785

You need the following items when you change the toner collector:

Operator Tips
  1. Press the Stop push-button on the Display/Touch Screen.
    This is an image that illustrate how to open the rear center cover and pull the toner collector case out
  2. Open the rear center cover.
  3. Lift the latch and remove the ring from the hook on the handle of the toner collector case.
  4. Pull the toner collector case straight out.
  5. Apply the adhesive seal that is supplied with the toner over the opening of the used toner collector bag.
  6. Remove the bag from the toner collector case carefully to avoid spilling the waste toner. Discard the bag.
  7. Grasp the bottom of a new toner collector bag and expand it. Insert the tabs under the lip at the top of the bag.
    This is an image that illustrates how to place the new toner collector bag in the toner collector case
  8. Place the new toner collector bag in the toner collector case.
  9. Return the toner collector case to the printer.
    Be sure to insert the toner collector case firmly enough to depress the spring-loaded sensor tab in the rear of the cavity.
  10. Attach the ring to the hook and push down the latch on the toner collector case.
  11. Close the rear center cover.
  12. Press Ready push-button on the Display/Touch Screen to continue.