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For optimum reliability and print quality use IBM supplies, which are engineered specifically for IBM printers. Use the IBM Supplies Worksheet to help you order supplies for the printer before the system is delivered, and to maintain a stock of supplies for continuous operation.

When a printer runs low on a supply item, it displays a status message on the Display/Touch Screen screen, sounds an alarm, and turns on an operator intervention light on top of the printer.

IBM recommends that you keep the following quantities on hand per print engine:

Item Suggested Quantity
Toner 30 cartridges
Developer mix 4 bottles
Fuser oil 4 bottles
Oil belt 2 belts
Fine filter 2 filters
Splicing tape 72 rolls

The estimated quantities are approximations for planning purposes only, and do not represent a warranty, a guarantee, or a minimum. The actual consumption depends on variables such as machine toner settings, job-stream percent toner coverage, form characteristics, temperature, and humidity.

Also ensure that a toner-certified vacuum cleaner is available for printer operators to use when they clean the printer.