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Jams Between the Printer and a Postprocessing Device

A jam or separated form occurring between the postprocessing device and the printer is not detected and presented as a form jam. The usual error condition presented is a PRE/POST NOT READY LINE BECAME ACTIVE D204 message on a Printer Error Display/Touch Screen window or PRINTER ERROR D204 message. This error message occurs when the "Pre/postprocessor Busy Timer" (see Configuring Preprocessing/Postprocessing Devices/Interfaces for details) included in the characteristics section of an installed and enabled postprocessing device has timed out.

  1. Clear the forms path of any jam, or clear any forms feeding problem between the postprocessing device and the printer.
  2. SELECT the Check Reset push-button on the Printer Error Display/Touch Screen window.
  3. If you must remove damaged or separated forms in the forms path between the postprocessing device and the printer, advance the forms through the printer a sufficient distance to enable splicing. On the floor between the printer and the postprocessing device, splice the forms exiting the printer to the forms remaining in the postprocessing device.
  4. Make the postprocessing device Ready.
  5. SELECT the Ready push-button on the Display/Touch Screen for the affected printer.

For jams in a postprocessing device, see Forms Jam In the Postprocessing Device.