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Stacker Forms Jam

Printer Error Error Code
Stacker Forms Jam 0161 or 0164
These errors are not set when a Postprocessing Device Interface feature is installed and enabled, which disables the stacker mechanism.
  1. Visually check to see if a forms jam is actually present.
  2. Open the stacker gate.
  3. If you do not find a jam, clean the stacker jam sensors. See step 31 under "Cleaning the Printer."

    Go to step 5.

  4. If you find a jam, clear forms from the Stacker and Pendulum Area.

    When you remove the forms from the stacker, leave 4 to 5 pages attached to the end of the job running in the stacker to ensure correct forms folding when printing resumes.
  5. Close the stacker gate.
  6. If either stacker jam message is still displayed, SELECT the Check Reset push-button on the Printer Error Display/Touch Screen window.
  7. Check for and resolve/postpone any other error or intervention message appearing on the Display/Touch Screen window.
  8. For Duplex Operations - If necessary, enter the Thread/Align Forms procedure (see Forms Are Broken Between the Printers).
    1. SELECT the Feed Forms push-button twice; this provides enough forms beyond Printer 1 to Auto Load Printer 2.
    2. Complete the Thread/Align Forms procedure by adding enough forms beyond Printer 2 to splice (on the floor between Printer 2 and a postprocessing device) forms just loaded on Printer 2 to the forms remaining threaded in a postprocessing device. Use the generalized splicing procedures found in Splicing Forms.
    3. Do all the steps in Checking the Forms Alignment on both Printer 1 and Printer 2.
  9. Ensure that the Forms Set indicator on the printer control panel displays the same fold direction as the first fold below the perforations on the forms guide.
  10. SELECT the Ready push-button on the Display/Touch Screen window for the affected printer.
  11. See Recovering from a Forms Jam.
  12. See Preventing Jams if the error recurs frequently.