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Forms Jam is Visible

Printer Error Error Code
Upper Tractor Forms Jam 0119
Tension Arm Down 0131
Tension Arm Up 0132
Skew Error 0133
Fuser Wrap 0134
  1. Clear the forms path. See Clearing the Forms Path.
  2. If any of the Printer Error messages are still displayed, SELECT the Check Reset push-button on the Printer Error Display/Touch Screen window.
  3. Check for and resolve or postpone any other error or intervention message appearing on the Display/Touch Screen windows.
  4. For Simplex Operations - Reload the forms. See Loading Forms (Simplex or Dual Simplex Mode).
  5. For Duplex Operations - if the jam was within Printer 1, reload the forms. See Loading Forms (Duplex Mode).
  6. For Duplex Operations - Enter the Thread/Align Forms procedure (see Forms Are Broken Between the Printers).
    1. SELECT the Feed Forms push-button once; this provides enough forms beyond Printer 1 to splice (on the floor between Printer 1 and Printer 2) the forms just loaded on Printer 1 to the forms remaining in the path. Use the generalized splicing procedures found in Splicing Forms.
    2. Complete the Thread/Align Forms procedure.
    3. Do all the steps in Checking the Forms Alignment for both Printer 1 and Printer 2.
  7. SELECT the Ready push-button on the Display/Touch Screen window for the affected printer.
  8. See Recovering from a Forms Jam.
  9. See Preventing Jams if the error recurs frequently.