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Intervention Required Messages

Intervention Required messages specify an operator task that you need to perform.

Follow the procedure given in the Directions field of the Intervention Required window to complete the task. Table 15 lists the Intervention Required messages for which there is additional information contained in this manual to aid in completion of the task.

Figure 34 shows a sample Intervention Required window.

Intervention required messages also appear on the printer operator panel.
Figure 34. Intervention Required Window
This is an image that illustrates intervention required window

The Fields in this window are:

The Function Push-buttons in this window are as follows:

Check Reset
Informs the control unit that you have completed all actions necessary to correct this interruption.
Displays help information.
You must handle all intervention required conditions, except Code D206, immediately. You can postpone a Code D206 , although you must eventually execute the Thread/Align Forms procedure before you can make the system Ready.
Table 15. Intervention Required Messages
Code Description Reference
0782 Splice lever down
  • Ensure that the Splice lever is in the run position.
  • See page Splicing Table.
0783 Transfer station open
0787 Check toner collector
0789 Developer drain open
078A End of Forms
  1. Simplex operations -see Loading Forms (Simplex or Dual Simplex Mode).
  2. Duplex operations -see Loading Forms (Duplex Mode).
0794 Oiler gate open
  • Ensure that the oiler gate is closed.
  • See page 10.
0795 Set forms direction See page Printer Control Panel.
0796 Stacker full See page Unloading the Stacker.
0797 Stacker gate open
  • Ensure that the stacker gate is closed.
  • See page Stacker Area.
0799 Check fine filter See page Checking the Fine Filter.
D204 Pre/postprocessor NOT READY line became active. See page Forms Jam In the Postprocessing Device or Jams Between the Printer and a Postprocessing Device.
D71F Side1/Side2 mismatch
D720 Verification mark position incorrect
  • Ensure that the forms are aligned correctly. See page Checking the Forms Alignment.
  • Examine your forms. Preprinted marks within the carrier strip as well as some colored forms can cause this error. If you are using any of these forms, disable verification checking. See page Disabling Verification Checking.
D721 Hardware error: verification mark sensor
  • Check the print quality of the verification marks. Look for light or smeared print.
  • Fix any print quality problems. See page Print Quality Problems.
D724 Side 2 verify has been disabled
  • If the Side 2 Verify function is required see Enabling Verification Checking.
  • If the Side 2 Verify function is not required, SELECT the Completed push-button.