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Out Of Supplies Messages

Out of Supplies messages specify an operator task that needs to be done involving printer supplies.

Follow the procedure given in the Directions field of the Out of Supplies window to complete the task. Table 14 lists the Out of Supplies messages for which there is additional information contained in this manual to aid in completion of the task.

Figure 33 show a sample Out of Supplies window.

Figure 33. Out of Supplies Window
This is an image that illustrates out of supplies window

The Fields in this window are:

The Function Push-buttons in this window are as follows:

Check Reset
Informs the control unit that you have completed all actions necessary to replenish the supply item.

For supply actions that may be postponed, this push-button allows you to postpone the action and place the printer back into Ready status.

Displays help information.
You may be able to temporarily postpone replacing some of the supplies (such as the fuser oil, developer mix, and fine filter). You must replace toner and the toner collector as soon as the out-of-supplies condition occurs. However, if the printer has Enhanced Toner Loading Feature installed, an additional 800 feet of printing is allowed. See Changing the Toner Cartridge for more information.
Table 14. Out of Supplies Messages
Code Description Reference page
0785 Change toner collector Changing the Toner Collector
0786 Add toner Changing the Toner Cartridge
0788 Change developer mix Changing the Developer Mix
0791 Change fine filter Changing the Fine Filter
0792 Add fuser oil Adding Fuser Oil
0793 Change oiler belt Changing the Oil Belt
079B Install a toner cartridge Changing the Toner Cartridge
079C Toner Supply Low Changing the Toner Cartridge