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Disabling Verification Checking

In printers with code version 9.608 or higher, the Side 2 Verify feature is enabled at the factory. You must have the CE disable the factory-set feature. However, once the factory-set feature has been disabled by the CE, you can enable and disable Side 2 Verify as needed.

Certain forms that are colored or that have preprinted marks within the carrier strip can cause the verification checking to post nuisance errors. When this happens, you may need to disable verification checking temporarily while you use those types of forms. You can continue to have verification page numbers printed on the front and back of the forms by enabling the Verification Marks item under the Configure/Configure Printer... menus.

  1. SELECT the Configure pull-down menu on the Display/Touch Screen window.
  2. SELECT the Configure Pre/Postprocessors... procedure.
  3. SELECT the Side2Verify option.
  4. SET the Enabled field to No.
  5. SELECT the OK push-button to exit the menu.