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Checking Print Quality

Print quality problems are commonly caused by:

Check print quality at least once each shift, and also when you do any of the following:

  1. Inspect a sampling of printed output. To print a variety of samples, do the following:
    1. From the Options pull-down menu, disable attachments by using Enable/Disable Attachments.
    2. From the Analyze pull-down menu on the Display/Touch Screen, SELECT the Print Samples procedure. The Print Samples window appears.
    3. SELECT the type and number of samples you wish to print, and SELECT the Print push-button.
  2. In the printed output, check for the following:

    Many print quality problems are directly related to the kind of forms that are being used and the application that is being processed. If a particular form or application regularly produces unsatisfactory output, refer the application owner to the Forms Design Reference for Continuous Forms Advanced Function Printers. This publication contains detailed information about selecting forms and designing applications for use with continuous-forms printers.

  3. If the output shows any of the problems that are mentioned above, see Table 18, and perform the actions that are detailed there.