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NPRO Page Procedure

NPRO Page is a single-page advance function. NPRO Page moves the forms forward to the next top-of-form position, one page at a time.

NPRO Page is active under the same conditions that allow NPRO to function. See NPRO Procedure.

In duplex mode, NPRO Page moves forms forward through the forms path of Printer 1 one page at a time, the Buffer/Flipper Unit, and Printer 2 toward the stacker area to the next top-of-form position. A page that is already printed on Printer 1 is printed on Printer 2, and Printer 1 processes a blank page. A page already printed in Printer 1 at the start of this procedure and a page printed in Printer 2 during this procedure are fused as they move toward their respective stacker areas.

Simplex Mode

Duplex Mode