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Left Angle Configuration

Figure 24 shows the Buffer/Flipper Unit viewed from the front. The darker shaded side of the forms in Figure 24 is the side that is printed on Printer 1. The lighter shaded side of the forms is the side that is printed on Printer 2.

The longer of the two cross bars (1) is removed from its normal position. It is then installed at the lower back of the Buffer/Flipper Unit with the support bar (2).

Use Figure 24 to thread the forms through the Buffer/Flipper Unit using the arrows as a guide from Printer 1 at the top of the figure to Printer 2 at the bottom of the figure. The result is that the forms are inverted 180° between Printer 1 and Printer 2.

The guide collars (A) through (F) on the roller bars were adjusted properly when the system was initially installed. Adjustments by you are probably not necessary, even if you are threading a form through the system with a different width than you previously threaded. When the forms are under tension and moving through the Buffer/Flipper Unit, they run up against the guide collars that are shown.

Figure 24. Left Angle Configuration
This is an image that illustrates left angle configuration