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About This Book
How to Use This Book
Notation Conventions
Pictorial Conventions
Infoprint 3000 Library
Related Publications
Summary of changes
Introducing the Infoprint 3000
Printer Characteristics
Printer Specifications
Form Specifications
System Components
Duplex Printing Applications
Inline Configuration for Duplex
Left Angle Configuration for Duplex
'h' Configuration for Duplex
Simplex and Dual Simplex Printing Applications
Left Angle Configuration for Dual Simplex
Functional Areas
Forms and the Forms Path
Control Unit Area
Developer Area
Forms Input and Transfer Station Area
Printer Control Panel
Splicing Table
Transfer Station Control Lever and Tractor Control Levers
Puller Control Lever
Fuser Entry Area
Stacker Area
Rear Service Area
Operator's Overview
Operator Responsibilities
Normal Operation (Ready Status)
Operator Intervention (Not Ready Status)
Service Call Procedure
Using the Display/Touch Screen
Using the Display/Touch Screen in Duplex and Dual Simplex Modes
Display/Touch Screen Windows
Menu Summary
Operate Pull-Down Menu
Configure Pull-Down Menu
Analyze Pull-Down Menu
Options Pull-Down Menu
Help Pull-Down Menu
Keypad, Keyboard, and Hexpad Windows
Symbols and Visual Cues
Selection Devices on the Display/Touch Screen Windows
Fingertip Control
Selectable Field
Radio Buttons
Scroll Bar
Inactive Items
Control Procedures
System Menu
Multiple Procedures
Screen Saver Timeout
Adjusting the Display/Touch Screen Monitor
User Controls
On-Screen-Display Controls
Operating the Printer
Controlling the System Power
Local/Remote Power Control
Powering On the System
Powering Off the System
Powering On and Off Pre/Post Devices
Shutting Down and Restarting the System
Shutting Down the System
Restarting the System
Enabling and Disabling Attachments
Remote Channel Enable/Disable
Local Channel Enable/Disable
Enabling/Disabling Pre/Post Interfaces
Canceling a Job
Changing the Password or Authorization Level
Adjusting the Volume of the Operator Alert Assembly
Connecting an Accessory to the Operator Alert Contacts
Reporting Printer Usage
Switching Printer Modes (Dual Simplex/Duplex)
Switching from Duplex to Dual Simplex Mode
Switching from Dual Simplex to Duplex Mode
Switching Print Resolution
Working With Forms
Loading Forms (Simplex or Dual Simplex Mode)
Loading Forms (Duplex Mode)
Splicing Forms
Threading and Aligning Forms
Forms Are Loaded Through Both Printers
Forms Are Not Loaded In Printer 2
Forms Are Broken Between the Printers
Threading the Buffer/Flipper Unit
Straight Line Configuration
Left Angle Configuration
Adjusting the Print Position
Using the NPRO and NPRO Page Functions to Advance Forms
NPRO Procedure
NPRO Page Procedure
Pre/Postprocessing Nonprocess Runout (NPRO)
Checking for a Front-Facing Page
Checking the Forms Alignment
Checking Print Quality
Changing the Forms-Based Printer Adjustments
Adjusting the Stacker Table Height
Unloading the Stacker
Using the Printer Stacker with a Postprocessing Device
Verifying Synchronized Duplex Printing
Enabling Verification Checking
Disabling Verification Checking
Recovery Procedures
Taking Care of Problems
Responding to Messages
Program Check Messages
Printer Error Messages
Out Of Supplies Messages
Intervention Required Messages
Status Messages
Forms Jams
Forms Jam is Visible
Forms Jam is Not Visible
Stacker Forms Jam
Jam Between Printer 1 and Printer 2
Jams Between the Printer and a Postprocessing Device
Forms Jam In the Postprocessing Device
Clearing the Forms Path
Transfer Station Area
Fuser and Stacker Areas
Stacker and Pendulum Area
Recovering from a Forms Jam
Preventing Jams
Running Traces
Print Quality Problems
Sudden Failures
Problem Solving Tips and Suggested Actions
Maintaining the Printer
IBM Supplies Worksheet
Ordering Supplies
Maintenance Supply Items
Customer-Replaceable Supply Items
Warranty Returns
Storing Supplies
Cleaning the Printer
Adding Fuser Oil
Changing the Toner Cartridge
Checking the Toner Collector
Changing the Toner Collector
Changing the Developer Mix
Checking the Fine Filter
Changing the Fine Filter
Cleaning the Oil Belt
Changing the Oil Belt
Checking the Oil Pan
Adding Supplies to Pre/Postprocessing Devices
Configuring the System
Configuring the Printer
Changing the Language of Messages
The Configuration Procedure
Printer Configuration Information
Configuring Remote Access
Configuring Host Attachments
Parallel Channel Configuration Information
ESCON Channel Configuration Information
Token ring TCP/IP Attachment Information
Ethernet TCP/IP Attachment Information
FDDI TCP/IP Attachment Information
Configuring Preprocessing/Postprocessing Devices/Interfaces
Pre/Postprocessor Configuration Values
Configuration Work Sheets
Duplex Configuration Work Sheet
Simplex Configuration Work Sheet
Defining Forms
Setting/Adjusting the Contrast
Setting/Adjusting the Preheat Platen Temperature
Setting/Adjusting the Hot Roll Temperature
Setting/Adjusting the Oil Rate
Setting/Adjusting the Oil Belt Speed
Setting/Adjusting the Paper Weight
Form Identification Work Sheet
Appendix A. Valid Form Lengths in Inches
Appendix B. Physical System Layouts
Simplex Models
Duplex Models
Appendix C. Special Features
Move Mark Forms
Mark Perforation on Perfless Paper
Long Forms
Communication Statements