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Token Ring TCP/IP Local Area Network

You can attach the printer to a host token ring through IBM token-ring cabling with the IBM Token Ring High-Performance Adapter. The adapter is installed in the printer AFCCU. The AFCCU can attach to either a 16Mbit/sec or a 4Mbit/sec Token Ring Local Area Network. The attachment conforms to the IBM Token-Ring Network Original Equipment Manufacture Interface. The following documents comprise this interface:

The printer can be a maximum of 100 meters from the 8228 Multistation Access Unit or 8230 Control Access Unit. For more information, refer to 8228 and 8230 publications.

You can increase the distance to the 8228 by using either the 8220 or 8219 Optic Fiber Repeater. For more information, refer to 8220 and 8219 publications.