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Fifteen Weeks before Delivery

The planning coordinator:

  1. Identifies the members of the planning team.
  2. Orders the printer.
  3. Orders the IBM Advanced Function Presentation licensed programs.
  4. Orders any additional hardware that is required, such as the turnbar/flipper device for the 'h' printer configuration.
  5. Verifies the order for the appropriate channel cables, System/370, ESCON, TCP/IP, and for any required channel extender, converter, or switching hardware boxes in the channel interface.
  6. Prepares a plan for selecting and testing forms for use with the printer.

The physical planner:

  1. Determines the location for the printer and arranges for any changes to the site. Ensures that the site will have conductive flooring.
  2. Identifies the delivery route for the printer.
  3. Prepares a space layout plan.
  4. Determines who will install the electrical wiring and outlets.
  5. Determines the type of electrical attachment and ground-fault circuit protection to be used.

The system programmer:

  1. Determines the Advanced Function Presentation licensed programs needed.
  2. Creates a conversion plan for line-printer data and electronic overlays.

The application programmer:

  1. Identifies the applications that must be changed for migration to the printer.
  2. Prepares a detailed plan for converting and testing applications that will be used with the printer.