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IPDS supports duplex printers in both duplex and dual simplex mode. IPDS mode requires one of the host licensed Print Services (PSF) products shown in Table 4.

Each software environment has specific operating system and AFP program requirements. For a list of the programs that are required for a particular environment, refer to the corresponding Print Services Facility (PSF) publications listed in Advanced Function Presentation: Printer Information, G544-3290. Also see Advanced Function Presentation Licensed Programs for a listing of AFP software.

Table 4. Software Support for the Respective Attachments and Functions
AFP Licensed Program S/370 Parallel Channel ESCON Channel Token Ring or Ethernet TCP/IP FDDI TCP/IP
Basic N-Up Enhanced N-Up Cut Sheet Emulation
OS/390 and PSF/MVS Yes Yes Yes (See Note) No Yes Yes Yes Yes
PSF/VM Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes Yes
PSF/VSE Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No
PSF/400 No No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
PSF/OS2 No No Yes No No No No No
PSF for AIX No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Infoprint Manager No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Requires additional CPU cycles and may not yield acceptable throughput for data-intensive print applications.

Contact your IBM marketing representative for details about ordering these configurations and features.