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AFP Resource Resolution

For Infoprint 3000 AFCCU printers, raster fonts are the only print objects or resources that are strictly resolution dependent.2 Other AFP resources are resolution independent. Form definitions and page definitions do not depend on printer resolution. Overlays and page segments that contain images and text formatting designed at a specific resolution are automatically adjusted by the printer to the correct resolution. However, this adjustment sometimes causes formatting differences. Images and text for which exact positioning is important print best at the resolution for which they were designed. For this reason, you may want to maintain separate resolution libraries of critical resources such as page segments and overlays that contain very precise formatting or logos or signatures for which the highest quality print is required. The Multiple Resolution support in PSF/MVS 2.2 provides the capability to automatically select from the correct resolution library. See documentation for PSF/MVS APAR OW27622.

Currently there is also a resolution dependence in certain GOCA objects that include image definition within GOCA.