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Duplex Systems

The printers can store 1024 form-name definitions in Duplex mode, and 1024 form-name definitions in each printer in Simplex mode for a total of 3072 form-name definitions for the complete system.

Select the Form Names you want in both Duplex and either Printer 1 or 2 Simplex modes, and record on all three Form Identification Work Sheets all of the definition data for each form. The following form names are supplied as defaults in each printer when the printer is shipped from the factory:

Table 30. Default Forms -Models ED1/ED2
Form Name
Length x Width (inches)
8.5 x 11
8.5 x 12 (form)
8.5 x 14
8.5 x 15 (form)
Half Letter Size
5.5 x 9.5
11 x 14 Large
11 x 15 (form)
Half Fullsize
7 x 11

Most selectable fields on the Define Forms window are self-explanatory, but the following fields are not:

Specify the total physical form widths (including the 0.5 inch tractor hole carrier strips on either side of the form). For information about the form widths supported by different printer models, see Table 1.

When entering a value in inches, use a decimal for fractional dimensions (for example, 13.5). When entering a value in millimeters, do not use a decimal point.

Specify the length dimension of the printed output as measured in the process direction (parallel to the tractor holes). You can specify this dimension in millimeters or inches and in lengths from 76 to 432 millimeters (3 to 17 inches). (For Infoprint 3000, the length can be from 76 to 711 millimeters (3 to 28 inches).)
The printer can stack only forms that are prefolded at lengths between 178 to 356 mm (7 to 14 inches) between fold perforations. To stack printed forms lengths of less than 7 inches or greater than 14 inches, see Stacking Forms.

Specify the length either in millimeters as a whole number or in inches to two decimal places. The printer rounds to the nearest 1/6-inch the length you enter and displays it on the screen.