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Configuring a Duplex Printing System

Chapter Overview

This chapter contains work sheets on which you can record your configuration choices for a Duplex Printing System. Fill in a copy of these work sheets and give a copy of the completed form to the service representative when the printer is installed.

You can specify some configurations within the printer and some characteristics of its function. For example, you can select the language in which messages will be displayed. These options are known as configuration information.

The printer AFCCU needs to know all of the current configuration information to operate the system accurately. Initially, the service representative sets configuration options when the printer is installed. You can change any of the configuration options later if the physical configuration changes or if the operating characteristics change.

The Infoprint 3000 Operator's Guide explains in detail the procedures for changing these configuration options.

You can change all configuration information by using the Display Touch Screen display windows.