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Preprocessing/Postprocessing Options for the Simplex Models

Model ES1 has an interface adaptor installed as a standard feature that may be used for either a preprocessing or a postprocessing device (Pre/Post). One or two additional optional Pre/Post device interface adaptors may be installed in Ports 2 and 3, or an optional Advanced Function Postprocessing device interface (hereafter called Pre/Post) may be installed in either Port 2 or Port 3 of each model. Allowable combinations are shown in Table 24.

Table 24. Preprocessing/Postprocessing Interface Options for the Simplex Model
Port Configuration Options
1 Pre/Post Pre/Post Pre/Post AF Post AF Post AF Post Pre/Post Pre/Post
2 -- Pre/Post Pre/Post -- Pre/Post Pre/Post Pre/Post AF Post
3 -- -- Pre/Post -- -- Pre/Post AF Post Pre/Post