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Printer Characteristics

The Infoprint 3000 family of printers are nonimpact, all-points-addressable printers. These printers use a laser, electrophotographic print technology, and Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) licensed programs to create high-quality text and graphics printer output.

Nonimpact printing, combined with all-points addressability, allows graphics and many different type sizes and styles to appear on a single page. Text, images, and electronic overlays can be placed at any defined point on the page areas on which the printer can print. The printers can be used for text, image, graphics, optical character recognition (OCR), and bar-code printing. See Table 1 for the print resolution (PEL) of each model.

Using a duplex printing system, the output of the printers can have print on both sides of a form. The system consists of two printer engines in series, each printing on one side of the form with the forms inverted between them. You can use one or both of the printer engines in the system for simplex printing applications.

The printers use continuous-forms in a variety of sizes, styles, and weights, including preprinted forms and some adhesive labels (see Table 1 for more information). After printing, the forms may be stacked in the printer stacker or processed by an optional postprocessing device.

Up to three preprocessing and postprocessing device interfaces can be installed on the printer. This provides additional input and output capabilities beyond the standard forms input source and output stacker on the printer.

An Advanced Function Common Control Unit (AFCCU) controls the printing system, whether you select a duplex or simplex configuration. With the duplex models, the AFCCU is attached to the second printer engine in the configuration. The AFCCU is based on IBM RS/6000 technology and in the standard configuration includes:

Performance enhancements, such as the Advanced Function Image and Graphics (AFIG) feature, are integral to the AFCCU design. Consequently, the AFCCU provides levels of performance meeting or exceeding those provided on the 3900 Model-001 with the Decompression Performance Enhancement (DPE) and the Improved Memory Performance (IMP) features. Additionally, the AFCCU extends the scaling performance enhancement for compressed images to all scaling factors, enabling the printing of compressed images at significantly higher levels of performance.

Both models of the printer can be used in MVS, VM, VSE, Infoprint Manager, OS/2, AIX/6000, and OS/400 operating environments, and can be channel-attached to many different processors. For additional information, see Host System Attachment Choices.