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This publication is for the Infoprint 3000 Type 3300 Model ES1 and Infoprint 3000 Type 3300 Models ED1/ED2 Advanced Function Printers. You will find the terms Infoprint 3000, Model ES1, and Models ED1/ED2 used throughout this document.

In Infoprint 3000 publications, the terms forms and paper have specific meanings. Forms refers to the media on which the printer can print. Forms can be blank paper, preprinted paper, adhesive labels, cards, or any other printable material. Paper refers to a specific fiber-based material used to make forms.

For definitions of other terms, see Glossary. This comprehensive reference tool contains not only terms used in this publication, but also terms, abbreviations, and acronyms from other publications in the Infoprint 3000 Library.