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  1. Infoprint 3000 Printer Specification Summary
  2. Infoprint 3000 Form Specification Summary
  3. Combined Images and Text
  4. Software Support for the Respective Attachments and Functions
  5. Host Processing Systems and Attachment Choices
  6. Advanced Function Presentation Software Summary
  7. Bar-Code Type and Modifier Combinations for AFCCU Printers
  8. Heat Dissipation and Power for Model ES1
  9. Heat Dissipation and Power for Models ED1/ED2
  10. Declared acoustical noise emissions for the Infoprint 3000 in accordance with ISO 9296
  11. Electrical Requirements
  12. Hubbell Plug and Receptacle
  13. Model ES1 Space Requirements
  14. Approximate Frame Physical Dimensions and Weights Uncrated
  15. Printer Frame Physical Dimensions When Crated
  16. Infoprint 3000 Installation Planning Work Sheet
  17. Infoprint 3000 Physical Planning Work Sheet
  18. Printer Configuration Items
  19. Parallel Channel Attachment Items
  20. ESCON Channel Attachment Items
  21. Token Ring TCP/IP Attachment Items
  22. Ethernet TCP/IP Attachment Items
  23. FDDI TCP/IP Attachment Items
  24. Preprocessing/Postprocessing Interface Options for the Simplex Model
  25. Preprocessing/Postprocessing Interface Options For Duplex Models
  26. Pre/Postprocessor Device Configuration Items
  27. Configuration Work Sheet - Simplex Model
  28. Configuration Work Sheet - Duplex Models
  29. Default Forms - Model ES1
  30. Default Forms -Models ED1/ED2
  31. Form Identification Work Sheet
  32. IBM Supplies Worksheet